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Learn How to Care for Your Pet During Pet Appreciation Week

This year, Pet Appreciation Week is from June 4-10. It’s a great excuse to show your pet how much you love him, and to give him a little extra pampering and attention. Whether you have a cat, dog, ferret, snake, or goat, you can find new, fun, and enriching activities to do together this week to celebrate your pet and show him what he means to you. Here are some great ways to care for your pet this Pet Appreciation Week:

Spend Extra Time Together

Most pets love having extra time with their human, but sometimes everyday life can get in the way. This week, make a point to schedule some play time or one-on-one time with your pet to lavish him with attention. You know your pet better than anyone else, so you know what makes him the happiest. Give him a memorable experience this week by spending quality time together. 

Get a New Toy or Treat

Another great way to care for your pet is to get him a new toy or treat. Ask your veterinarian or look on pet forums to find a new toy or treat that will encourage interaction and play and stimulate your pet’s mind. Make sure not to give your pet human food unless it has been okayed by your veterinarian. 

Schedule a Playdate or Other Enrichment Activity

If your pet loves socializing, schedule a playdate with a friend’s pet, or take your pet to the dog park or doggy daycare. If you have a pet that can’t go on walks, ask your veterinarian to recommend a fun new enrichment activity. For instance, cats and rabbits like playing in cardboard boxes. Make a little maze or village out of cardboard boxes and film your animal playing in it. 

Get a Health Checkup

An annual veterinary checkup will make sure you’re on top of your pet’s health and wellness. Schedule a visit with your veterinarian to screen your pet for disease and health problems, evaluate his weight, check in on his diet and nutrition, and make sure he’s in good health overall. Your veterinarian can also update your pet’s vaccinations.

Schedule a visit with your veterinarian today for your pet’s annual checkup.




Mon – Fri: 7 AM – 6 PM
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