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What Does Anxiety Look Like in Pets?

You may have a friend or loved one that suffers from anxiety. But did you know that pets can feel the same way, too? Cats and dogs can’t talk about their feelings like people do, which can make it harder for us to understand their distress. That’s why it’s essential to keep an eye out for the signs of anxiety in pets and find out how you can help your furry friend manage their stress.

What are the signs of anxiety in pets?

The first step towards managing your pet’s anxiety is to recognize that they have the disorder in the first place. The signs can differ between cats and dogs. 

Cats may show signs like:

●       Excessive grooming

●       Seclusion and isolation

●       Extra aggression

●       Changes in eating or litter box habits

Signs of anxiety in dogs can include:

●       Constant barking or vocalizations

●       Panting

●       Pacing or restlessness

●       Destructive behaviors

●       Changes in appetite

How can I help my pet manage their anxiety?

Before going to medications, there are a few non-medical strategies you can try to help your pet feel less anxious. Introducing daily exercise and play routines can help burn off excess energy and reduce stress levels. Also, calming techniques such as massage, calming sprays, or specially designed anxiety wraps can also soothe your pet’s anxiety. If these interventions aren’t helping, consulting with your veterinarian about anxiety medications or behavioral therapy might be a beneficial next step. Some pets may need more than an extra walk in the park to feel better, and that’s okay–what matters most is finding what works for your pet.

Contact Your Veterinarian Today!

Your veterinarian is a great resource for expert advice about treating your cat or dog’s anxiety. If you’re not sure what the next right step is, don’t hesitate to contact your veterinarian today. They can evaluate your pet’s symptoms and design a custom treatment plan that addresses their specific needs.




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