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Top 10 Dental Problems In Cats And Dogs: Worn Teeth


Pets spend most of their lives chewing on things, and their teeth can show wear and tear over time. Worn teeth can be caused by teeth on teeth contact (from malocclusion) or excessive and long-term chewing on objects like hard bones, rocks, tennis balls, etc. The pulp or root canal contains cells that give rise to dentin which is the major component of the tooth.

If these cells are injured or irritated in cases of worn teeth, and there is no direct exposure of the pulp canal, such as when teeth are fractured, then the dentin is laid down to protect the tooth, and a brown, caramel smooth glistening surface of the tooth is evident.  This means the wear has been slow enough for the tooth to protect itself and if dental radiographs are normal, the only treatment is to remove what is causing the wear and perform annual dental cleanings.

Are your pet’s teeth in good condition? Book an appointment for a dental cleaning with your veterinarian today!

Written by Dr. Gary Goldstein