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Pet Insurance: Why You Need It

If you don’t already have pet insurance, you may be wondering if you need it. Just like human health insurance, it’s a great idea to have insurance for your pet. On average, the cost of owning a dog, from puppyhood to senior age is approximately $17,700. That lifetime expense could be even higher if your pet has to visit the vet for an emergency. But pet insurance can help cover the emergency cost that you would normally be paying out of pocket for! Here is a good example of what can happen if your dog ends up needing to utilize their pet insurance:

Pet Name: Maizy

Breed: Pug

DOB 8/1/2013

$300 deductible, unlimited coverage, 90% reimbursement

Annual premium: $779.00

Maizy, the pug, was taken to Sugar Land Veterinary Specialists in Texas after multiple bouts of vomiting.  It was determined that Maizy had ingested Sago Palm Plant that she had found in the backyard. Sago Palm can cause liver damage and can be potentially lethal when ingested by dogs! After being brought to the emergency hospital, Maizy was treated with activated charcoal, IV Fluids, Cholestyramine and other medications.  Once she was stabilized, she was then transferred to internal medicine. Maizy responded well to therapy and was sent home to come back for re-check two weeks later.

The total cost of treatment was $3,170.48, but luckily, Maizy’s owner had pet insurance for her plan loving pug. She was reimbursed 90% of the bill – that’s $2, 538.44!

There are several options for pet insurance out there, but one of our favorites is Petplan! To learn more and receive a discount on their services, click on the banner below.





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